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Changing your tires twice a year is essential for safe driving. For quick and professional service, trust Desjardins Acura.

Although it's possible to change tires yourself, having them changed by professionals is preferable, as it requires specific knowledge and tools. Our team detects tire problems, performs rotations, and balances them if necessary.

Tires play a crucial role in the performance of your luxury car. Acura professionals are best suited to change your tires and advise you on models that fit your vehicle, lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Book your tire change at Acura Desjardins now. Whether it's for spring or winter, or if your tires are worn out, it's always the right time for a tire change. Take advantage of our promotions and order your tires online, contact us, or visit us to see the models in stock. Do you already have tires? Schedule an appointment with our technicians.

When should we change our tires?

Legally, summer tires must be changed to winter tires before December 1st in Quebec, and winter tires must be used until March 15th.

However, it is recommended to install winter tires as soon as temperatures drop below 15 degrees, usually in late October or early November. For switching back to summer tires, waiting until mid-April is more prudent.

If your tires are worn or damaged, don't delay in replacing them for safety and legal reasons.

Why change tires according to the season?

Winter tires are designed for cold temperatures with flexible rubber compounds. In summer, they deteriorate quickly, provide poor road handling, and increase fuel consumption.

Conversely, summer tires lose traction in winter, making them dangerous. All-season tires are available but often offer compromised performance in winter or summer conditions.

Changing tires twice a year is the best solution for most drivers.

For safe and enjoyable driving, order your tires and book your appointment with our professionals.

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