Towing capacity for the Acura RDX

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The 2023 Acura RDX is a model with a towing capacity that truly adds to its versatility. If you are looking for a luxury compact SUV that will allow you to tow occasionally, the RDX is perfect for you. Moreover, it is one of the best Acura SUVs when it comes to sales in the province. Why? Because of its exceptional price-quality ratio, its long list of added equipment, along with its generous amount of cargo space.

Desjardins Acura, your Acura dealership in Montreal, tells you more about the Acura RDX, its towing capacity and the rest of its specs!

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How much towing capacity does the Acura RDX offer ?

All of these Acura SUV trims offer a 1,500 pound (680 kg) towing capacity, which is average for its category. However, although some of its competitors offer a greater towing capacity, the RDX still remains way more versatile, mostly due to a much greater amount of cargo space, totalling a maximum of 2,260 liters once rear seats are folded, compared to often less than 2,000 liters –and sometimes even 1,500 liters- for most of its rivals.

Given that the clientele shopping for a compact SUV is usually looking for a model that offers generous interior space and that the towing capacity is not the main purchasing criteria, the RDX truly is the ideal model.

Why is the Acura RDX a perfect choice for towing?

If you have to tow light loads, like a small trailer for example, the Acura RDX is an excellent choice. In fact, it will not only allow you to tow your trailer, but you will be able to do so while also taking advantage of great energy efficiency, thanks to a low fuel consumption on highway of only 9.1 L/100 km.

front side view of a 2023 Acura RDX generating a dust cloud from a sharp turn in the sand

The Acura RDX powertrain, for a good towing capacity

Under the hood, the Acura RDX hides a 2.0 L 4- cylinder turbo with 272 horsepower and 280 lb-ft. maximum torque, which is one of the most powerful in its category. In fact, it easily surpasses models like the Audi Q5, the Buick Envision, the Lexus NX, along with entry-level German models like the BMW (X3) and Mercedes-Benz (GLC).

This powertrain is coupled with a performant 10- speed automatic transmission along with the SH-AWD system.

This powertrain is powerful enough to allow you to tow without having to compromise on your utility vehicle’s performance. Finally, you will have access to 4- driving modes: Snow, Comfort, Normal and Sport.

Below, you will find the towing capacity and cargo space offered by the RDX and its main rivals, at a glance; as you can see, it stands out favorably compared to its competitors!

Power Towing Cargo
Acura RDX 272 HP 1,500 pounds 881-2,260 L
Audi Q5 201—261 HP 2,750 pounds 733-1,516 L
Cadillac XT5 235 HP 1,000 pounds 850-1,784 L
Infiniti QX50 268 HP Not recommended 880-1,822 L
Buick Envision 228 HP 1,500 pounds 713-1,492 L

What types of vehicles can the Acura RDX tow?

Some ultra-light caravans can be towed by your Acura RDX; you will also be able to tow a small fishing boat, an ATV, a snow mobile, a watercraft, etc.

However, should you wish to tow heavier loads like a caravan or a small boat, then you might want to opt for the Acura MDX that offers a towing capacity that varies between 3,500 and 5,000 pounds (1,588 and 2,268 kg).


In short, the 2023 Acura RDX will be perfect for you if you need to tow light loads and that your needs are more geared towards the powertrain’s performance and the available amount of cargo space.

But one thing is for sure: this luxury compact SUV truly offers outstanding versatility, incredible reliability along with numerous safety and technology features.

Would you like to find out more about the 2023 Acura RDX, its towing capacity, cargo space and list of equipment, or perhaps you’d like to book a test drive? Come and visit us today at Desjardins Acura in Montreal!

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